Smart Nora

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Is your snoring waking your partner? Smart Nora is for you! The padded pillow insert inflates when it hears early sounds of snoring to gently re-position you.


How does Smart Nora work

Smart Nora listens for the early sounds of snoring. When snoring is detected, Smart Nora starts a gentle movement in the pillow insert to interupt the snoring before it becomes loud enough to wake your partner.

Smart Nora’s gentle motion stimulates your throat muscles, encouraging natural breathing to resume. It helps to reduce the frequency and volume of snoring.

You can sleep in any position

Smart Nora works for side, back and tummy sleepers.

A restful experience

After the first few nights, the snorer doesn’t even notice Smart Nora’s gentle movements, so it can help everyone get a good night’s sleep.