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ResMed onesleeptest is a quick and reliable home sleep test you can use to assess your sleep and your risk of sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home. It consists of a small disposable NightOwl® sensor that you tape to your fingertip and a NightOwl® companion app that guides you through every step of the test.

  • A multi-night home sleep test
  • No wires or complex setup
  • Results assessed by a certified sleep physician
  • Sleep report emailed within 3-5 working days
  • ResMed Sleep Coach consult included

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    Are you getting the sleep you need to wake up feeling your best? onesleeptest measures your heart rate, oxygen levels, and movement to provide a detailed and accurate picture of how you sleep.

    It’s an easy way to assess your sleep quality and check if you have sleep apnea – all from the comfort of your own bed. onesleeptest includes:

    1. The NightOwl sensor and finger wraps.
    2. An activation code to access the NightOwl companion app. 
    3. A detailed sleep report and ResMed Sleep Coach consult to discuss your results.

    How does onesleeptest work, and what do I need to complete the test?

    1. First, order your onesleeptest online, and have it shipped to your door.
    2. Download the NightOwl companion app on your smartphone. You’ll need to provide a valid email address too, so that we can send you your results. If you don’t have a smartphone, contact us, and we’ll try work something out.
    3. When you’re ready for bed, open the app and follow instructions for how to attach the sensor to your finger and record your sleep.
    4. After three nights of data is recorded, a certified sleep physician will look at your results and email you a personalised sleep report within 3-5 working days.
    5. Book your included ResMed Sleep Coach consult to discuss your results and next steps.

    Note: By purchasing this home sleep test, you agree to ResMed’s privacy policy and terms of use.



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    • 5
      Sleep Test

      Posted by Alan B on 10th Sep 2020

      Easy to use and valuable information

    • 5
      onesleep test

      Posted by Tim J on 27th Aug 2020

      It worked exceptionally well and the results have been most informative

    • 5
      Great product

      Posted by Alison on 25th Aug 2020

      Tiny and disposable

    • 5
      One sleep

      Posted by Andrew on 24th Aug 2020

      Well worth it to get great results!

    • 4
      Works ok wait to see results

      Posted by Nate W on 30th Jul 2020

      Wait for final judgement when i get results

    • 5
      Nightgown sleeptest

      Posted by Ken on 24th Jul 2020

      very easy and stress free

    • 4
      Home Sleep Test

      Posted by Matt on 20th Jul 2020

      Took 2 weeks to arrive. Device is easy to use with clear and simple instructions. Still awaiting results.

    • 5
      Home Sleep Test

      Posted by James J on 18th May 2020

      Very easy to use.

    • 5
      NightOwl Sleep Test

      Posted by Kahla B on 12th May 2020

      I couldn’t believe how small and easy this device was to use. I was able to successfully record all 3 nights in a row & quickly return the device to get my results. Looking to hire again soon for my husband.