Home Sleep Test

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As the name implies, a Home Sleep Test is done at home using a small piece of equipment which monitors your sleep over two nights, which is ideal for people who wish to undertake the test within the comfort of their own home and in their own bed.

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A home sleep study is used to diagnose sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. This test is done at home using a small piece of equipment which monitors your sleep over two nights. 

How does it work

Your sleep study can be done from the comfort of your own home and in the comfort of your own bed. You wear the small and modern monitor for two nights and then return it to us. Instructions on how to do the home sleep study are easy to follow and will be emailed to you. We are available for support if you have any questions about the test.

To complete the home sleep study you will need:

    1. Access to a smartphone or tablet to download the required app. If you don’t have a smartphone contact us to arrange for an alternative device.
    2. A valid email address. We will use the email address you enter on the check-out page to send you your instructions, access code and any other information regarding your sleep test. 
    3. Once you have placed your order, your sleep study device will be shipped to your preferred delivery address.

Getting your results

    1. Complete the sleep study in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 
    2. As soon as you have completed the overnight tests you must send your kit back to us.
    3. Once we receive your kit, your results will be sent for analysis.
    4. Your results are read and prepared by a sleep professional. It's important that you complete your sleep study as soon as you receive the device so that you can return it promptly.

If you return your kit within 7 days of receipt, we will even refund you $15.

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