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Lull yourself to sleep faster with music in a pillow that only you can hear.


Uses sound vibrations

Only you can hear the music. Dreampad’s sound vibrations are detected by your inner ear to help usher in a deep and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

7 songs engineered for deep sleep

Your Dreampad app includes 7 songs and soundscapes chosen for their ability to induce sleep. You can also play your own favourite tunes. Play for a few minutes or all night. Use the timer to play the music as long as you wish.

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    DreamPad pillow

    Posted by Ronnie on 17th Jan 2020

    Love it. Had this recommended, was a bit sceptical but have had sleep issues for years and my young son has rough nights from time to time, so thought I'd give it a go. I like that you can listen without waking anyone else up, without mucking around with headphones. And the sounds of the sea are great. :-)