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Sweet Dreams Children

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The Sweet Dreams Children bundle includes:

  • Dodow
  • Sound machine-Black
  • BLKBLULHT Glasses Kids NightFall (blue or pink)
  • RED Night Light Pack

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    This bundle is perfect to help children get a better night’s sleep. A red night light can help you see your way down the hall or to the bathroom at night without exposing your eyes to harsh blue light which is perfect for children's and babies' rooms. Artificial blue light can negatively impact your child’s sleep. When you expose yourself to blue light that comes from smartphones, tablets, laptops or even lighting in your home this supresses melatonin which is your natural sleep chemical in your brain that helps you fall asleep. And to help you child relax and drift off to sleep this bundle also includes a DoDow, designed to quickly sooth your brain activity, slow your breathing and relax your body as well as a sound machine which plays white noise and helps you fall asleep.