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Philips Premium Chin Strap

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A gentle, effective way to ensure your mouth stays closed during CPAP or bi-level therapy with a nasal or pillow mask. Reduces side-effects such as air swallowing and dryness in the mouth and throat to provide a more comfortable therapy experience.


The Respironics Premium chin strap provides firm but comfortable support to the chin. The optional back support strap helps keeps the chin strap in place all night. Chin straps help to minimize the problems that occur if air leaks from your mouth whilst using nasal CPAP. These include: a dry mouth or the feeling of air bubbling through your lips as you go to sleep. Chin straps can also sometimes help prevent air swallowing (aerophagia) and the discomfort it causes.

Q : Is it adjustable?
A : Yes, using a velcro strip on the top.  

Q : Is it a treatment for Sleep apnea ?
A : A chin strap is used to keep your mouth closed in conjunction with cpap therapy  

Q : Does this product come in different sizes, like the Seatec, or is it one size fits all (or most)?
A : It's a single size, adjustable circumference using Velcro.  

Q : Is this unisex or for men only?
A : Unisex